We at SnowGlobe are passionate about nurturing and empowering artists in all forms, and are constantly looking for opportunities to support and showcase talent that inspires us. We understand that more often than not the only roadblock that stands between the realization of an amazing concept is the lack of adequate funds, and (for a select group of artists) we're committed to both alleviating their financial burden and showcasing their vision to thousands of fans at this year's festival. 

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Are you interested in receiving an Art Grant to help you transport an existing art piece / create new art to install at SnowGlobe 2015? You're in luck -- this year we're implementing our flagship Artist Grant Program to help fund deserving artists like you! All interested parties must fill out and submit the Grant Fund Application below before Friday, OCTOBER 9th. Our team will read through each application, select our favorites, and evaluate how to best distribute the Art Department funds to both maximize the benefit to the event and minimize the burden on the artist.

This program is intended to generously incentivize artists to consider and contractually commit to contributing their art to SnowGlobe 2015 by allocating funds (primarily) for building materials and transportation expenses. Help us see your vision as you see it -- do your absolute best to describe your art / concept in detail and present an accurate budget. 

Please fill out and submit the Grant Application and tell us a little bit more about you and your work.

For all comments and questions about the SnowGlobe 2015 Artist Grant Program, please contact BRIAN SCHMIDT // BRIAN@SNOWGLOBEMUSICFESTIVAL.COM