We understand that many aspects of the safe and successful implementation of SnowGlobe take a toll on the infrastructure  of the City Of South Lake Tahoe -- and we do our best to help mitigate some of that strain by working to help influence positive change within the local community. We are proud to employ (approximately 500) South Lake Tahoe locals as part of our core team as well as contribute to / partner with a number of local South Lake Tahoe programs and non-profits. We are committed to playing both an active and passive role in the community culture and development year round.


We are proud to announce that -- in the days following last year's festival -- SnowGlobe was able to donate over 1,500 pounds worth of food, drinks, clothes and furnishings to 8 local organizations in South Lake Tahoe:

• Live Violence Free

• Tahoe Coalition For The Homless

• South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center

• Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe

• Christmas Cheer

• Tahoe Youth Center

• Bread & Broth

• St. Theresa's Catholic Church

We're excited to say that most of these donations were FRESH produce donated by Imperfect Produce through our #EatUgly social media campaign. Thank you to all of our attendees for participating!



South Tahoe SWAT Unit

SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. This is a highly trained and specialized unit of any law enforcement organization. SWAT units are activated when the risk of violence is very high or has already occurred. It is comprised of those officers who have established a solid reputation for safety, awareness, conscientious duty, and dependability. We are privileged to give back to a group of individuals who routinely put their lives of the line for the safety and well-being of others. Thank you for your service. 

Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation

The Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation supports educational excellence by assisting and encouraging investment in the development and growth of education opportunities at Lake Tahoe Community College. We are proud to support the Lake Tahoe Community College whose campus has historically played an integral role in our production team's development and efficiency. 

South Tahoe High School Booster Club

The Booster Club is dedicated to raising funds for South Tahoe High School and its Executive Board (alongside STHS staff and alumni) have played an instrumental role in the development of both our merchandise and creative departments. We are proud to give back to an organization that has done so much to support the growth of the festival. Thank you, Vikings! 

Lake Tahoe Community College - Coyote Plaza

The plaza, located between the Physical Education building and the new soccer field will serve as an important gathering place funded by those who care about college spirit. Envision friends meeting, students studying and graduates posing for photos with a bigger-than-life bronze coyote statue as the centerpiece. We are proud to support the Lake Tahoe Community College whose campus has historically played an integral role in our production team's development and efficiency. 

Christmas Cheer All Year

Christmas Cheer All Year is an emergency food pantry to assist individuals and families until they can help themselves. Christmas Cheer has been the beneficiary of our lodging partner, Hotels For Hope, for a number of years. A donation to Christmas Cheer All Year is made on behalf of the festival for every hotel night booked by an attendee through our platform. We are proud to be longtime supporters of such a selfless organization. 

Lake Tahoe Community College - President's Circle

The President's Circle annual membership supports programs that are most in need. Funds are currently providing scholarships, student success grants, plus textbook and campus program support. We are proud to support the Lake Tahoe Community College whose campus has historically played an integral role in our production team's development and efficiency. 

League To Save Lake Tahoe

Also known by their ubiquitous slogan "Keep Tahoe Blue," The League To Save Lake Tahoe is Tahoe's oldest and largest non-profit environmental advocacy organization. The spectacle of the local environment is undeniably a central part of our festival's culture and identity -- and we are proud to support their efforts to preserve its natural beauty. 



SnowGlobe 2017 donated $50,000 to the Community Play Consortium -- a Joint Power Authority with Lake Tahoe Community College District and the City of South Lake Tahoe that works to improve, maintain, and jointly administer real property and recreational facilities available to Lake Tahoe public education entities and members of the Lake Tahoe community. SnowGlobe's goal with this donation is to decrease the rental cost for community members to use South Lake Tahoe's recreational facilities. SnowGlobe is grateful to have South Lake Tahoe host the event every year and looks forward to continuing their commitment to the city and community for years to come.