Our ultimate goal with SnowGlobe is to transition into a completely sustainable event -- a dream inspired both by the South Lake Tahoe community's culture of environmentalism and our festival's personal belief in the importance of conscientious and ethical event planning. We're happy to report that with help from our amazing sustainability team at Waste Free Earth that we've made impressive steps year-over-year towards reaching that goal. A tremendous amount of credit is due to you -- our fans -- for supporting us on our journey.

For SnowGlobe 2017, 66% of the waste we generated was diverted away from landfills and into compost and recycling initiatives.

• We donated over 1,500 pounds of food, clothing and furnishings to 8 local organizations. Including, Do No Violence, The Warm Room (Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless), South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club, Christmas Cheer, Tahoe Youth Family Center, Bread and Broth, and St. Theresa's Church.

• We are proud to say that most of these donations were FRESH produce donated by our 2017 partnership with Imperfect Produce through our social media campaign #EatUgly. Whatever couldn't be donated, we gave to our 70+ local green team employees.

• In total, we diverted over 94,933 pounds of waste away from landfills and into composing, recycling and donation initiatives.

• We had over 200 SnowGlobe Attendees participate in our sustainability contests and engaged in learning more about our sustainability program at the 2017 SnowGlobe.

• We hired over 70+ local workers to help with Green Team through Chris’s Cleaning.

400 Sugar Pines Planted

Last year we partnered with The Sugar Pine Foundation to plant 200 sugar pine seedlings to help restore Lake Tahoe's sugar pine population -- which now make up less than 5% of the Tahoe Forest. A huge part of SnowGlobe's magic is the beauty of the natural environment and we wanted to do our part to protect, preserve, and nurture it. 

This year we're re-committing and doubling down by sponsoring 400 sugar pine seedlings to be planted later this year. If you'd like to contribute to the effort, you'll be presented with the option to add $5 to any SG18 ticket order which will directly benefit The Sugar Pine Foundation and sponsor a future seedling.

View Planting Location Of SG17 Seedlings

Waste Free Earth

Waste-Free Earth is a full-service sustainability consulting company within the special events industry, primarily music festivals. They specialize in onsite sustainability coordination and consulting strategies to integrate more comprehensive sustainability programs at events. Waste-Free Earth proudly averages an 80% diversion rate at festivals where they lead the sustainability efforts, including camping festivals. In 2017, Waste-Free Earth diverted over 250,000 pounds of waste away from the landfill and into composting, recycling and donation initiatives. Saving thousands of pounds of Methane from being emitted into the atmosphere, which is 23 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide. Although a stable diversion rate is significant, they believe reducing ALL waste is the ultimate goal. For that reason alone, they try to eliminate waste from ever getting produced and incorporating reusables at the events, or down-right banning certain products, like all single-use plastics. We are thrilled to have Waste- Free Earth heading up our sustainability programs for SnowGlobe 2018! 

For 2018, we are proud to announce the return of our Sustainability Booth with our sustainability partner Waste-Free Earth! We had over 200 interactions last year and can’t wait to grow that number with more ways for you to participate. Through sustainability contests, photo opps and plastic pledges, we have a little bit of everything in terms of sustainability. Come stop by, get involved and be entered in to win some awesome prizes while helping out Mama Earth.

100% Compostable Compliance

At SnowGlobe, our sustainability partner Waste-Free Earth requires all of our food vendors and bars to only serve on 100% compostable products. That means no food shall be wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic. Instead, everything will be 100% compostable and trucked down to Full Circle Compost in Carson City, NV where it will be composted and turned into soil, that will then be sold to the local community. How cool is that? Your waste is literally going to be helping grow plants in the Tahoe area next spring! Thank you to Waste Free Earth for managing this initiative and to our vendors for cooperating and supporting our vision of a completely sustainable event.