Our ultimate goal with SnowGlobe is to transition into a completely sustainable event -- a dream inspired both by the South Lake Tahoe community's culture of environmentalism and our organization's personal belief in the importance of conscientious and ethical event planning. We're happy to report that with help from our amazing partners at Waste Free Earth and Chris' Cleaning, we've made impressive steps year-over-year towards reaching that goal. A tremendous amount of credit is due to you -- our fans -- for supporting us on our journey. Your passion continues to inspire us.

We're still waiting on final reports from this year's festival, but -- in the meantime -- here are some key numbers from last year's event:

For SnowGlobe 2016, 65% of the waste we generated was diverted away from landfills and into compost and recycling initiatives -- an 11% improvement from the year prior! That 65% is broken down into 18,000 pounds of compostable materials, 23,144 pounds of recyclable material, and 1,377 pounds of donated food.

Read below for details on our new initiatives and programs from this year's event:

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Imperfect Produce -- an organization dedicated to making ugly produce sexy! Imperfect Produce rescues produce from farms that would have otherwise been thrown away (due to retail's high cosmetic standards) and sells them at a highly discounted price. This year, our fans helped combat food waste and fight hunger while attending this year's festival. Festival attendees could stop by our Sustainability Booth to take a picture with The Imperfect Produce gang (be dressed in fruit and vegetable costumes), and caption why they #eatugly. For every photo taken, Imperfect Produce donated 5 pounds of FRESH produce to one of the many food banks in the Northern California area. 

We are proud to announce that we'll be planting 200 Sugar Pine trees in the Lake Tahoe Basin through The Sugar Pine Foundation and Waste Free Earth -- a small gesture of gratitude for the local environment that has inspired us so much. Sugar Pines are dying from white pine blister rust -- a non-native, invasive fungus. Sugar Pines used to make up 25% of the tree population in Tahoe's forests and now make up less than 5%. We hope that our donations will increase the number of Sugar Pines year after year in the Lake Tahoe Basin and help preserve the natural beauty we've come to love so much. 

We are proud to confirm that all of our food, flatware, and cups from vendors at this year's festival are fully compostable -- meaning a sizable percentage of the waste we produce will be made into fresh soil instead of going into landfills.

Thank you to Waste Free Earth for managing this initiative and to our vendors for cooperating and supporting our vision of a completely sustainable event.

Support from our fans is an incredibly important step in reaching our long-term goals -- and, for 2017, we wanted to empower and reward the SnowGlobe family for playing an active role.  We called on your to help our amazing Sustainability Team help keep the festival site clean. For SnowGlobe 2017, fans could stop by the SG Sustainability Tent during the festival and pick-up a colored bag from our Sustainability Team. For every full bag returned to the tent filled with trash, fans would receive a ticket to enter a raffle for a pair of tickets to #SG18. 

We're proud to know that the very first our 2018 attendees are aligned with our ethical point of view. Thank you all for the support.