Our ultimate goal with SnowGlobe is to transition into a completely sustainable event -- a dream inspired both by the South Lake Tahoe community's culture of environmentalism and our festival's personal belief in the importance of conscientious and ethical event planning. We're happy to report that with help from our amazing sustainability team at Waste Free Earth that we've made impressive steps year-over-year towards reaching that goal. A tremendous amount of credit is due to you -- our fans -- for supporting us on our journey.

For SnowGlobe 2017, 66% of the waste we generated was diverted away from landfills and into compost and recycling initiatives.

In total, we diverted over 94,933 pounds of waste away from landfills and into composing, recycling and donation initiatives.

Read below for details on our new initiatives and programs from this year's event:

SG x Imperfect Produce

We're very excited to be working with Imperfect Produce again to bring hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to people in need in the Lake Tahoe basin. At last year's festival, we were able to donate over 500 pounds of fresh produce just from this program alone.

Recipients of  these contributions were 8 local charitable organizations: Do No Violence, The Warm Room (Tahoe Coalition For The Homeless), South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center, Boys & Girls Club, Christmas Cheer, Tahoe Youth Family Center, Bread & Broth, and St. Theresa's Church. 

Imperfect Produce will be back at SnowGlobe 2018 hanging out at the Sustainability Village. Stay tuned for updates!

400 Sugar Pines Planted

Last year we partnered with The Sugar Pine Foundation to plant 200 sugar pine seedlings to help restore Lake Tahoe's sugar pine population -- which now make up less than 5% of the Tahoe Forest. A huge part of SnowGlobe's magic is the beauty of the natural environment and we wanted to do our part to protect, preserve, and nurture it. 

This year we're re-committing and doubling down by sponsoring 400 sugar pine seedlings to be planted later this year. If you'd like to contribute to the effort, you'll be presented with the option to add $5 to any SG18 ticket order which will directly benefit The Sugar Pine Foundation and sponsor a future seedling.

View Planting Location Of SG17 Seedlings

100% Compostable

We are proud to confirm that all of our food, flatware, and cups from vendors at this year's festival are fully compostable -- meaning a sizable percentage of the waste we produce will be made into fresh soil instead of going into landfills.

Thank you to Waste Free Earth for managing this initiative and to our vendors for cooperating and supporting our vision of a completely sustainable event.