Thank you to the team at WASTE FREE EARTH for their support in developing our Sustainability Programs 💚

Our longterm goal for SnowGlobe is to transition into a completely sustainable event -- an ambition inspired both by the South Lake Tahoe community's culture of environmentalism and our team's personal belief in the importance of conscientious and ethical event planning.  We're happy to report that with guidance from the amazing team at Waste Free Earth we've made significant steps year over year towards reaching our goal.

Single-Use Plastic

Bottle Free

In an effort to continuously reduce our single-use plastic bottle footprint, we are 'proud’
to say we are partnering with Proud Source Water to replace single-use plastic bottles
with highly recyclable aluminum bottles. Although we encourage the use of bringing
your own reusable water bottle, we understand that sometimes you forget and things
happen. Luckily, we will have these Infinitely recyclable bottles for sale that are built to
last. We strongly encourage you to reuse them throughout the whole weekend at our
free water refill stations.

Proud Source Water offers natural spring water in sustainable packaging. Sourced from
a natural spring in the Rocky Mountains, boasting a natural pH of 8.5+/- and zero
additives. With the bottle being made of 100% recyclable aluminum, it offers you a
bottled water you can finally feel good about. It's better for you and the planet.

SnowGlobe Sustainability Booth Presented By Waste Free Earth

Want to get educated on SnowGlobe’s Sustainability efforts and become a part of the
change? Stop by the SnowGlobe sustainability booth, where we are enhancing our
sustainability engagement. Participate in our micro-trash sweeping contests, waste
diversion games, product lifecycle quiz, photo opps, plastic pledges, and more! The
Waste Free Earth crew will also be dishing up some ways you can incorporate waste
free practices into your daily life and how you can make a difference. So, stop on by, get
involved and be entered to win some awesome prizes!

Free Water Refill Stations

Last year alone, we saved approximately 53,952 single-use plastic water bottles from
being used thanks to our free filtered water refill stations. For this year's festival, we are hoping to increase that number by adding more water refill stations thanks to Klean Kanteen. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bottle with you to the festival!

Sponsors And Partners

At SnowGlobe, it isn’t just our concessions team that has to adhere to our high
sustainability standards. Over the past years, we have been setting sustainability
standards for our Sponsors and Partners about what they can give away to our
environmental conscious crowd. Be sure to check out some of our sponsor's activation to see what sustainable swag they will be giving out.

Hint - some may be reusable ;)

Compostable Compliance*

Since 2017, SnowGlobe has been requiring all of our bars and food vendors to serve
only on compostable products. Last year, we were able to compost over 7,868 pounds
at Full Circle Compost right in Carson City, Nevada! At Full Circle our compost will be
turned into soil that will then be sold to the local community.  Rest assured knowing that
your waste is literally going to be helping grow plants in the Tahoe area next spring!


As you know, we are continuously striving to become a more sustainable event here at SnowGlobe. Although we have a long way to go, we are incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished in the past couple of years.

With that being said, the local compost facility (along with hundreds of others across the United States) have stopped accepting bio-plastics - compostable plastic cups, utensils, lids, etc. You know, the stuff that feels and looks like plastic but is 'compostable.'

Well, it turns out, that stuff isn't breaking down in the compost facilities and is creating more harm to the compost than anticipated. If we continued to use the bio-plastics, knowing that they would end up in the landfill, where they would be emitting methane, which is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. On top of that, it takes more petroleum, energy, and resources to make bio-plastics than it does to make a petroleum-based plastic cup. So the carbon footprint alone is very substantial. Lastly, compost facilities cannot resell their compost as organic fertilizer if they accept bio-plastics. What a mess!! Right?

Because of this, we have to switch back to Polyethylene Terephthalate (Plastic #1) cups. As there is currently a market for them at the recycling facility that we send our recycling too. This decision was not made lightly and included multiple conversations with the compost facility and recycling facility.

We hope that you still stand by us in this extremely hard discuss our team had to make. But this is the most sustainable option we are currently presented with. You bet your 'snow' we will be working hard to figure out a single-use plastic-free version for 2020, but please bear with us for 2019 and recycle your plastic #1 cups.  As for everything else, it will still be 100% compostable.

Living plastic-free and still want to get your drink on??

Here are some tips you can do to reduce your plastic footprint while at SnowGlobe

  • Buy drinks that come in a can - beer, wine and seltzer 
  • Bring your own *clean* cup to reuse for drinks

Thank you for understanding and we promise we will continue to research the most sustainable option. 

The Green Team

Our sustainability programs wouldn’t be a success without our awesome attendees and our rock star members of the SnowGlobe Green Team. In total, we have over 50 members that make up our Green Team between our sustainability partner Waste Free Earth and our epic waste management team, Chris’s Cleaning. When at SnowGlobe, help them out and be sure to dispose of your waste properly. And if you don’t know what bin to throw your waste into, feel free to ask one of them! They will be wearing bright green, ‘Green Team’ buttons. 

2018 Event Highlights

In 2018, we were able to increase our diversion rate by 4%! We achieved our highest diversion rate of 70%, decreased our overall waste by 22,789 pounds, and decreased our landfill waste by 12,167 pounds. 

  • This equates to an overall 16% diversion rate increase since working with our sustainability partner Waste Free Earth 
  • On top of that, we more than doubled our composting efforts from 3,000 pounds in 2017 to 7,868 pounds in 2018. A total increase of 4,868 pounds! 

Diversion Rate Breakdown for SnowGlobe 2018

  • Recycled – 73,421
  • Composted – 7,868
  • Donated – 3,022
  • Total Diverted = 84,311 diverted away from the landfill. 

 Thank you to Full Circle CompostSouth Tahoe Refuse and Chris's Cleaning for your support! 

Ticket Add-Ons For Environmental and Social


In 2017 we partnered with The Sugar Pine Foundation to plant 200 sugar pine seedlings to help restore Lake Tahoe's sugar pine population -- which now make up less than 5% of the Tahoe Forest. A huge part of SnowGlobe's magic is the beauty of the natural environment and we wanted to do our part to protect, preserve, and nurture it. 

For 2018 we re-committed and doubling down by sponsoring 400 sugar pine seedlings, with an additional 275 seedlings sponsored through donations by SnowGlobe attendees.

For 2019, we're increasing our sponsorship to 500 sugar pine seedlings. You can add a small financial contribution to your ticket order at checkout to sponsor your own seedling. 

View Planting Location Of SG17 Seedlings

Additionally, we are partnering with Tahoe Coalition for the Homeless to assist in overnight housing for people in need during the winter months here in Tahoe. A $5 donation through our ticket program, will help provide overnight refuge for men and women experiencing homelessness in South Lake Tahoe.

PICTURED: Representatives from Tahoe Coalition For The Homeless and Bread & Broth 4 Kids

Photo Courtesy Of SouthTahoeNow

Community Donations

In the days following the festival, SnowGlobe was able to donate over 3,022 pounds of warm clothing, food and water to 10 different organizations in the Lake Tahoe region:

• 26 cases (780 pounds) of water.

• 250 pounds of food and personal hygiene products.

• 83 boxes of clothing (~1,992 pieces of clothing). 

Donations were sent to Live Violence Free, The Warm Room (Tahoe Coalition For The Homeless), South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center, Boys And Girls Club, Christmas Cheer, Tahoe Youth Family Center, Bread & Broth / St. Theresa's Church, Focus (Men's Homeless Shelter), Casa De Vida Home For Girls and Reno/Sparks Gospel Mission.

About Waste Free Earth

Waste Free Earth (WFE) is a Vermont-based sustainability consulting company that builds custom, sustainable strategies for events to lower their environmental impact and reduce overall waste consumption. WFE is on an overall mission to create long-lasting systems that inspire individuals, businesses, and special events to eliminate waste and incorporate reusable products within their daily operations.